What is Alexa and How Does it Work?

Alexa is Voice Controlled “Virtual Personal Assistants”. It controls various systems and performs various tasks for its users. Alexa’s functionality includes playing audio, answer questions, deliver news, and control your smart home, refining responses to provide you with accurate facts. Apart from this, Alexa highlights your favorite services to keep you entertained, organized, and informed. Since Alexa is Cloud-based, it has access to a growing number of Alexa-enabled devices and smart speakers. The name Alexa is reminiscent of the Library of Alexandria which is filled with knowledge, facts, figures, information and that’s why developers gave this name to this Virtual Assistant AI technology.

In order to make Alexa your digital assistance you would be needing Alexa enabled device where you can hear your command and response of Alexa. What Alexa really is? When you ask questions from Alexa, you are communicating with a could-based service, and it responds to you back. Alexa is just a Wake Word for could. Although Alexa is the brand name for voice assistance it can be changed to "Computer" or "Echo" as per user preference. Today, Alexa has become a vital part of the smart home system. Alexa is getting better day by day through its Skills and you can also create your own skills.

How to Set Up Alexa Device?

For everyone, Alexa Device has become an integral part of their smart homes. By fully configuring Alexa Device, one can control all the devices, get answers for various questions, play & listen to music, play radio, get the latest news on the go, set timers, and many more things by using only voice commands.

The setup process is very simple and easy to perform. All you need to do is choosing the correct location for the device placement. For the best experience, place your Alexa Device in prime positions such as kitchen countertop, master bedroom, living or dining room, etc. This will help the device to receive accurate signal

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Fortunately, setting up your Alexa Device is quite an easy and hassle-free process. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps carefully:

Install the Alexa Application

The first step is to install the Alexa App on all the devices like your PC, Laptop or Mobile. Different versions are available for all the respective platforms such as:

  • Alexa for Ios & Android
  • Alexa for Windows & Mac

Before following given steps, ensure if your device is compatible for Alexa App or not. To know this you can Chat with Alexa Expert.

Downloading the app on your device is essential for the setup. You might not use the app later on.

Plug your Alexa Device into the Power Supply

Once done with downloading the app, Power on your Alexa device and connect it to a wall unit for power supply. Wait for few seconds till the light turns orange.

Add the Device

The third step is to open the app on your mobile and choose the three horizontal lines to add to the device. Choose the “Device icon” and then tap on the “+” symbol.

Follow all the Instructions

Now you need to follow all the instructions coming on the screen to set up your device and enter the password. You may ask to connect your device to the network. For this fo back to the Phone home screen and choose the Wi-Fi network. Restart the app again and carefully follow all the final directions to complete the setup. After following all the steps, the Alexa device will be configured and ready for use.

Steps to Set Up Alexa on PC / Laptop

Connecting Alexa to device makes a lot of tasks easier. Setting alarms, reminders, making to do list, shopping list are some of the features user get. Given below are steps used to connect Alexa with Windows and Mac:

  • Open web browser in your computer.
  • Then Go To alexa.amazon.com. Sign In with your Account (In case you do not have one you can create it).
  • Find Settings in sidebar on left.
  • Select "Setup a New Device". Choose a Device you want to Set up.
  • Now Sign in again by entering your credentials and click login and then Continue.
  • Press button on Alexa till orange light comes and then click continue on your computer.
  • Connect Alexa Device with same wife network as computer and click continue to complete setup.
  • Now on net webpage, select wifi network and wait for Alexa to Come Online

You can also make contact with our Alexa Professionals via chat for quick easy setup solutions also know about all the cool things Alexa can do for you.

How Alexa Helpline Assist you?

We are pleased to bring you Alexa Helpline. Alexa Helpline is third party service provider for Alexa echo devices. Our Helpline provides quality & quick resolutions related to all your Alexa Device problems. To operate or to configure the Alexa Device, sometimes you need expert advice. It is suggested to get professional assistance from the Alexa helpline. They have complete knowledge regarding all the issues.

From configuring your device to the device usage, for any query contact the Third Party Alexa Helpline customer care team where Alexa team will find the root cause of issue and provide an instant solution for the same. Get complete insight of any Alexa to fully understand your device and how you can use the device for its complete potential.

Alexa expert are available round the clock through Alexa Chat Support and they will provide you all the latest addition for functionalities as well. You are just a blink away from getting a quick solution regarding your device issues. We will provide you help regarding all the troubleshooting and help you to optimally use your Alexa Device. Thus, for any help, reach out to our expert team at Alexa Helpline. They are professionally trained to provide you quick resolutions efficiently.


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How to Setup Echo Dot

Setting up Echo Dot is no rocket science rather it can be done easily if you know the process. If you don’t, we are here to help you set up your Echo Dot easily. Follow the given below steps to set up your echo dot device:

  1. Step 1: To set up Eco Dot you need to first download the application on your smartphone. The application is available for both the Ios and Android platforms.
  2. Step 2: After downloading the application, open it and choose “Device” (Lower right corner)
  3. Step 3: Choose the Plus sign from the right top corner or you can select the three horizontal lines present in the left upper corner.
  4. Step 4: Now add the device
  5. Step 5: Click on the Echo icon and then press the Echo Dot on the next screen. Once done, click on the third-generation Echo Dot image.
  6. Step 6: Use the power adapter to plug in the Echo Dot and check the light status. If the light turns orange, the device is in setup mode.
  7. Step 7: After performing the sixth step wait for few seconds until the Echo Dot appears on the mobile screen. Select it and go to Wi-Fi settings to choose the network “Amazon-xxx”. Once done, go back to the Alexa app.
  8. Step 8: Choose the speaker that you will be using with your Echo Dot (optional) and enjoy the music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What are Alexa Skills?
Alexa Skills are voice-drive capabilities that you can enable and disable, using the Alexa app or a web browser.
1Is there a monthly fee for Alexa?
There is no monthly fee for excellent Alexa voice services. Moreover, you don’t even need to pay for a special device to use Alexa, you can use the device with your smartphone.
1How to disable Drop In Alexa?
To disable drop-in Alexa you need to do the following: Open the Alexa app>Choose Devices>Select Echo & Alexa>your device> Choose Communication>Select Drop-In, and then disable the permission.
1Does Alexa work without Internet?
The answer to this question is “No”. Alexa device won’t work without an internet connection. They need regular connections from the servers to work. To enjoy the best benefits, invest in a good internet connection.
1How to make Alexa understand my commands?
To make understand Alexa understand commands, Go to the Alexa App > Tap on the Alexa Account > Now tap on the Recognized voices > Choose “your voice” > from here start the voice recognition test > Now within 2-4 feet from your speaker say “Alexa, learn my voice” > Complete the Alexa training and you will be prompted to chant your name and state other phrases as well.
1How to Manage Shopping List with Alexa?
Open the Alexa app > Go to Menu Icon > Go to List > Now Tab on the list you want to manage. To add new item in the list tab of the add item option. This how you can manage shopping list with Alexa.
1What Can Alexa Do for You?
Alexa has numerous capabilities but some of the most popular one’s are: • Live Radio Stream • Weather Updates • Audiobook Player • Order Food • Online Shopping • Local Business Information • Question Answers • Sports Update • Play music, move, Podcast • Manage Your lists and calendar • Do math and teach history lessons • Provide Recipes Alexa has huge collection of skills and this collection is growing day by day. No matters on which device you ask questions Alexa will response whether it’s your car speaker or your soundbar.
1How to use Alexa on Windows 10?
Download Alexa application from Microsoft store. Open Alexa app on your windows 10 device once it’s downloaded. Click on “Set up Alexa”. Go with “YES” to allow Alexa using your computer microphone. Login your Amzon Account and then tap Alexa Button. Now speak to Alexa after you hear a chime.
1How to turn off the microphones on Echo devices?
Echo devices come with a microphone off button, and by pressing the button the power to the microphones is disconnected and your device can’t record audio.
1Can I take my Alexa to someone else's house?
Yes, the feature is called Guest Connect. You can access your Echo speaker from someone else’s Echo device. You just need to say “Alexa connect to my account”.
1How Can I Turn on Do Not Disturb on Alexa Echo?
Press menu icon in your Alexa app. Then go to setting > device setting. Select Alexa Device and go to Do Not Disturb. Now here you need to turn on schedule. Put start and end time.
1Does Alexa Record Conversation?
No. It only wakes up by default to only chosen word like Alexa. Alexa do not send any audio to could unless the device get waken word.
1Can I turn off voice purchasing?
Yes, you can turn it off. Go to settings > Alexa Account > Voice Purchasing in Alexa App.
1How to Change Alexa Wake Word?
To change the Alexa Wake Word, go to the Alexa app on your phone menu > Now click on settings and choose the device settings > from here choose the device for which you want to swap the wake word > choose the brand new wake up work you want to use.
1How to use Alexa on Fire TV devices?
Alexa on TV can be used through Fire TV mobile app or Alexa remote which is compatible to Alexa Voice. You need to press and hold the remote microphone button. Make sure to release the microphone button when you are done speaking. Other way is to pair your Fire TV device with a compatible Alexa-enabled device. Now you can use Alexa on paired device to control your Fire TV device.
1How to Set Reminder on Alexa?
There are two ways of setting up Alexa Reminder i.e., Voice Command or in Alexa App. For Alexa App Reminder Setup: Launch Alexa App > Go to More Option > Select Reminder. Top Set Alexa Reminder from Voice Command you can say: "Remind me to take medicine at (Time)." "Remind me to replay a mail at 5 p.m." "Remind me to drink water at 3 p.m." Make sure to tell the time when you wanted to remind.
1How to Setup Flash Briefing for Alexa?
Follow the instruction to setup Flash Briefing for Alexa: Launch your Alexa app . Go to More section and then select Settings. Now, Select Flash Briefing. Choose the toggle which will be next to each news service you want to add to Flash Briefing in your Alexa app.
1How you can link Email & Calendar account to Echo?
Start by Launching Alexa app on your device. Press menu icon (Top-Left). Go to the setting > Email & Calendar > choose calendar & email provide > Connect Account > Account sign in.
1What is Do Not Disturb mode in Alexa?
Do Not Disturb mode in Alexa is used to block notifications such as calls, messages, and reminders.
1How to Connect Alexa with Smart Home Devices?
Firstly, complete for your device after this, open Amazon App. Choose Device > + Icon > Add Devices. Select the device you want to connect then select the brand and follow on screen instructions. Want to learn more? Chat with us!

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