Alexa Skills

August 27, 2022

How to Enable Or Disable Motion Detection On Echo Show

Innovating a smart home today is just like making a cup of coffee. You need to grab a few devices, set them up, and you are […]
August 23, 2022

How to Connect Lutron Caseta to Alexa

Since the lighting system is such an essential part of our regime, smart lighting has also become a need now! Lutron is a household trendy device […]
August 8, 2022

How to Connect Eufy to Alexa | Add Eufy to Alexa

Being manufactured by an American company, Eufy cameras are specially designed for simple smart home devices and security systems. This innovative device is really compatible with […]
August 7, 2022
How to Connect a Smart Plug to Alexa?

How to Connect a Smart Plug to Alexa?

How to Connect a Smart Plug to Alexa?– Smart Plug is amongst the most affordable smart home appliances. You can easily turn on and off the […]
August 5, 2022

How To Connect Alexa To Samsung TV

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to connect and control your Samsung Smart TV with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant? The good news is, you […]
July 21, 2022

How to Control Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi System With Alexa?

Did you just bought a brand new amazon alexa echo and want to control your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router or Velop Mesh Systems with it? If […]
June 15, 2022

How to Connect TP-Link Wi-Fi Router to Alexa?

As more and more devices are becoming “smart,” the list of those that can be controlled using Amazon Alexa is also growing. The point of full […]
June 12, 2022

How to Connect Netgear Orbi & Nighthawk Router to Alexa?

Have you recently bought amazon echo and want to use Alexa to control your Netgear Wi-Fi router? If yes, then you have landed on the right […]
May 6, 2022

How To Connect Ecobee Smart Thermostat To Alexa?

Have you recently purchased a new Alexa device and are now considering how you will connect Alexa to the Ecobee Smart Thermostat? Don’t you worry! We […]

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